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some tube related stuff
Simple and yet good (to my opinion) Tone Control Circuit.
Amplifier circuit using 2x PX4 (=PP3-250). It's the LF and power-supply part of my RGD radio. Picture 1 Picture 2
Experimental RIAA pre amplifier I once designed. Gain is 30dB @ 1kHz. The circuit seems to work very well but I never used it yet.
The first Philips tube called IDEEZET. It was made in 1917. Photo from NVHR.
A Philips advertisement from 1928. It says (my translation!): You will enjoy more and more relaxed, if you choose Philips products for your radio equipment.
This is my DIY VL1 output pentode. It worked very well! Found the real one later.
Found this in an old dictionary: vintage IC's. Note: 1 cm = 1 statF = 1.112650 pF.
How serious are these people with integrated electron tubes? De Radiobuis komt terug - in het klein. (nl)
The first Philips factory (1891). Part of it still exists. Worth a visit: Philips Historical Products
At my work, I once designed a tube in a modern 'industrial electronics' test unit. It's a Svetlana GP5 used as precision load (current source) to test a high voltage generator. circuit
Very old Philips valves: Type C, D and F.
If there are still some Futurenet users out there: here's a library with some tubes. (binary file)
Photo of old tubes: Philips AA2 & D1.
How tubes work. This is from my first book about electronics. I got it at my 9th birthday.
Now this is a calculator! Part of IBM EDPM
The oldest known electron tubes! Circuit found in Dendera, Egypt.
Commonly used Philips resistors. 1966
Strange item Relay / LDR / Thermocouple in a Noval tube.
Pre-IC electronic calculators are great machines! See also my IME26
Colour Code for Resistors and Capacitors 1966.

off topic
The background of the front page is not where I live. It's the home of Lara Croft in the game Tombraider. I like the game and I think it's a nice background picture for the front page.
Some other things i'm interested in: I found the Pillars of Hercules and the purpose of the pyramids.
Some software I wrote....
PHUNSY My old 2650 computer system.